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5 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

You guys... do you know how many wedding photographers are out there? SO many. It can be overwhelming, to say the least, to find the right one for you. When I was in college for photography, wedding photographers were sort of looked down on like, that's what you do when you can't make it in any other photography fields. That's probably true for some, or a lot, of photographers and honestly I think that's kind of scary! I don't want to trust the most important day of my life to someone who is just doing this because nothing else worked out and their heart isn't really in it. This is a big day! On top of that, your photographer is the only one of your vendors that you will be with the ENTIRE. DAY. Everyone else will be in and out but your photographer is going to be right there by your side for just about every moment... you don't want someone by your side that you're not super happy to be all up in your business all day! So how do you choose??? Here's 5 tips to help you out!

1. Decide on what style you like best: Light and Airy/Dreamy, Vintage, Traditional, Edgy... etc. (Pinterest boards are great for this!)

2. Carefully look through their galleries/portfolios: Did they capture the kind of images that you're looking for- candid moments, details, etc.? Do people's smiles look genuine or forced/uncomfortable? Is there consistency in their work?

3. Determine your budget, and if there's any wiggle room, but have realistic expectations. Your wedding is only one day, but the photos that you're left with will last forever- they're worth the investment!

4. Okay this is a big one- find someone you like and enjoy being around! Read their bio on their website, check out their Instagram, send them an email and/or set up a meeting. Are they excited about your wedding? Are they pleasant to talk to and be around? Getting to know your photographer is the best way to ensure an awesome experience!

5. Figure out the details. How many hours will they be there? Do they bring their own styling gear? When can you expect to receive your images? Do you have to pay for the images or are they included in the price quote?

Happy Planning!!!

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