New Beginnings

Years ago when I was trying to decide on my business name I honestly couldn't think of anything, so I just went with my name. That works for a lot of people.

After a lackluster couple of years I don't think it was working for me. Even saying it myself felt like a mouthful - and it's my own name! Lauren Cicileo Photography. SO MANY SYLLABLES GUYS. If it's a mouthful for me to say, then it must really be a mouthful for people who don't know me. Not to mention, if I blindfolded you right now - could you spell Cicileo? I'm guessing not.

BUT ENOUGH ABOUT THAT! Because I am really really excited! It's time for a fresh start! A new beginning! Glitter and sparkles! (Okay the glitter and sparkles are figurative)

After a suggestion from one of my favorites in the industry (B.Schwartz!) I decided to rebrand, and along with that decided to change my name. I love the way Lauren Rae rolls off the tongue... and I love using "Weddings" because it makes it really clear what I'm focused on and where I shine the brightest. Of course I will never say no to taking portraits for friends and family but nothing gets me excited and jumping for joy quite like a wedding does. I also have a special place in my heart for the name Rae, because to me it honors the biggest influence and superstar in my life: my sister Raegan, known to my kids as Auntie Rae. So there you have it... without further ado...

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