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"She made my husband and I feel so completely comfortable the entire day, through every special moment"
destination wedding photographer
new york city wedding photographer looking out from empire state building

About Me

It was the late 90's and Alicia Silverstone had valley girl'd her way into the hearts of young girls everywhere. While some watched Clueless and wanted to copy her wardrobe or sassy lingo, I had one fixation. Her camera. (let's just gloss over the fact that I was not old enough to be watching that movie!) Not too long later I had convinced my mom to take me to Walmart to buy me "a real camera just like the one Cher uses in the movie."  I don't know if my mom realized that day that it would be the first of many cameras I would beg for, but I like to think that they're all justified at this point! I started with setting up photoshoots of my stuffed animals, then on to family and friends, attending Brooks Institute of Photography for film- then again when the digital world took over, and finally to shooting my first wedding. The only passion of mine that compared to photography as a kid was designing wedding gowns, so naturally when I photographed my first wedding a big light bulb moment happened! 

     I absolutely LOVE weddings! When friends and family ask me if I'd rather just be a guest at their wedding so I can "enjoy" it, I wholeheartedly say "ABSOLUTELY NOT!"  Photographing weddings is not just a job for me, and I enjoy it so much that I don't even know if it's fair to call it work. 


     Do you have a goofy family? I love them already. Your wedding gown? I'm obsessed with it. The flowers you so carefully chose? I'm swooning. Do my feet hurt, am I tired or hungry? No idea, I'm running on pure joy.

     When I'm not shooting weddings you can find me with my horse, Bettina, enjoying the beautiful Santa Barbara Mesa, or at home binge watching New Girl (for the third, fourth? time) with my dog. I'm fluent in movie quotes and sarcasm and love to laugh as often as possible. I have two kids who keep me on my toes and push me to be the best version of myself. Never have I ever... made it through a single mother-son dance without getting choked up thinking about dancing with my son at his wedding one day. I absolutely love to travel all over the world and still have so many places I want to cross off my bucket list!

I can't wait to hear more about you!

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