What can I say- I love weddings! The dress, the flowers, the                                                                   celebration... all of it! Also how many jobs do you get to end                                                                     your work day with cake?? It's my dream job, that's for sure.                                                                     There's a solid chance that I will gush over how gorgeous                                                                           your dress is about a million times and get teary-eyed at                                                                           least once... or a few times.


                                                                     What can you expect from your day with me? First off, I                                                                       will be just as excited as you are! Actually, I usually arrive                                                                           early due to not being able to contain that excitement. Stressed out bridesmaids or frantic family members always seem to relax when I show up with calm reassurance that everything will be ok- this isn't my first rodeo, and yes, your hair looks fabulous. I am not only there to capture your day, but also to be your biggest cheerleader, your advocate, dress fluffler, and lipstick-on-the-teeth checker.


Your photographer is the only vendor (other than maybe a videographer) that is with you from start to finish, every moment, for the entire day. I take that role seriously knowing that my tone, attitude, words, and decisions directly affect the most important day of your life. But don't just take my word for it, check out my testimonials page to see what other Bride's experiences have been! 


I like to say that I am the most laid-back perfectionist you'll ever meet. While that might not make sense to some, to me it means that I will capture your day in all of its glorious splendor and will aim for perfection, but in a way that allows you to actually relax and enjoy the day you worked so hard on planning. Also, rest assured that any assistants that I bring along with me are held to the same standards that I hold myself to!


My ideal clients are joyful brides who love to have fun and have incredible style! If that sounds like you, then let's do this!